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                               Awaken Your Life's Dream

                    Personal Growth Seminars to Activate Passion, 

                                Purpose, &  Authentic Power Now!

If we are to be totally honest with ourselves for a few moments, even in changing times we are constantly being nudged within to Expand, Explore, & Grow in all we do, perhaps even strive for Excellance, Mastery, and Happiness in our Lives. So why do we see so few acting on the Pure Impulses and Big Dreams that are inspired from Creation Source? How do we Awaken and inspire our Life to banish the fears and world's ego conditioning that 85% submit to, only to live barely above mediocrity and partial self-expression, often settling for just seeking what is comfortable or safe?    Perhaps the deeper question to ask Yourself, is your goal this month and this year to become more Alive, more Self Expressed, more Confident, more Successful, enjoy more Pleasure, and live from your Souls Purpose in your Life?     We all really know  deep down inside that hesitancy, compromise, dishonesty, avoidance, and fears have no real life energy and no creative power to them, do they! They are painful and unfulfilling, yet  often we have bought into the lie that we don't deserve any better or we are not capable of risking expressing our Greatness... Here is where Lightstream Seminars can help!  

 * Have you felt you have some Talents & Gifts inside that can make the world a better place? Do you believe there is a Greater Purpose for your life than the daily grind of working, eating, dreaming, & sleeping?

 * Do you long for Real Love? Are you Unsatisfied with how most people express themselves and guard connecting Eye-to-Eye, Acting Tough,  Lacking Optomism, Enthusiasm, and Banter to Enjoy life fully and make it Playful, Alive, and Interesting?

* Are you starting to feel there might be a Special Purpose or Deeper Calling for Your Life beyond compulsing to make money to gain outer recognition the world says will bring you power?

* Have you felt Burnt Out or Uninspired playing the worldly games of competition, compulsions, gossip, greed, and petty judgements to try to get recognition, power, and that magical feeling called Love? Do you want a Better Game to play forward into the Light of Aliveness?

 * Do you Desire to act out of Honesty, Integrity, and Heartfelt Service because you know there is an Intelligent Creator using 100% brain power seeing and feeling all you desire to contribute that is aligned with "Do unto others, as you would do unto yourself" law of Creation?

* Do you want to Supercharge your Health & Relationships with Passion and take things to the Next Level of Aliveness?

* Do you somewhere feel you are Unlimited & Powerful, and want to banish your phantom fears to create more Courage, more Clarity to create Success and Happiness in every area of your life?






Are You Ready to Awaken Your "Life Purpose & Passion" and Get Inspired to Create Heartfelt Decisions, Magical Momentum, and a Whole Lot More Fun Now? For most of us the time to Invest quality time in OURSELVES to manifest a breakthrough in how we create our Life is way OVERDUE!

Here are some of the topics we cover:       

PULSARBLUE.GIF1. Learning to Open Your Creative Side that sparks Brilliant Imaginations and Impulses within to believe the best will come to you & Explore Life Freely and Courageously! (Many are holding this side back far too long from false beliefs, limited conditioning, and childhood wounds)

PULSARBLUE.GIF2. Awakening Higher Intelligence beyond the 10% mind power most poeple operate in now, Awakening the Power of the Heart to feel & know the Truth at any moment, and move into what is Perfect, Empowering, and Fluid for your life in every Now moment! (This empowering energy is a mystery to most and usually a "future reward" that many religions misteach, so we will explore how to activate it and allow it to flow in your life Now)

PULSARBLUE.GIF3. Learn how to get Clear on your Life's Purpose, Genuine Contribution, and Higher Goals to Create Your Life Moving Forward with Excitement and Wonderment rather than constantly hesitating, doubting, and observing how it should be done for years without taking action. (You know you want to express Greatness and can have Fun doing it if you clear a few outdated fears and take creative action steps on each desire that we will outline)

PULSARBLUE.GIF4. Learn Emotional Freedom techniques to clear old subconscious wounds and emotional blockages from various areas of the body to Feel Balanced, Trusting, and Accepting of Yourself as you are that allows you to be centered and at peace with who you are. This also opens you to attracting & allowing Right Relationships to come into your life. (We do special guided meditations and exercises to release guilt, shame, anger, frustration, mental clogs, and self-condemnation to allow you see who you really are, to soar freely and dance with life!)

PULSARBLUE.GIF5. We Outline the Spiritual Truths and Higher Laws of Creation, Choice, Responsibility, and Manifesting Dreams & Desires that are simple, pure, and powerful that make life work again without all the judgments, fears, guilt, from religious passages, quotes, and false dogma that have held us in fear of being condemned, and has us questioning and doubting the true relationship with a very Loving, Unlimited Creator. You have felt for some time what the real Blueprint of Creation is in your Soul, haven't you! Are you ready to graduate from the High School level of understanding religions and government are playing out here yet?


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*** We also offer Corporate Empowerment Programs, Sales and Success Coaching, Nutritional Counseling, & Private Sessions... Email us for a quote! 


 Lightconsmall2.jpg  *** Our Supercharged Workshop is the 1st Saturday of each month from 1pm - 4pm for a $39 Donation. RSVP now for location and directions. It will empower you for months to come, or change your life completely!