Lightstream Seminars is facilitated by Paul Justi who has been on a Spiritual quest for Truth, Awareness, Ethics, and Higher Understanding for over 30 years. He has studied various religions, completed many personal growth workshops, and schooled in  massage and energy healing techniques that came easily to him, that have enabled him to gain a deeper understanding of what makes life energy spark within our hearts and Awaken our Imagination to Create more harmony, love, light, and intelligence in the physical body, mind, and Spirit.

For many years Paul has run a High-Tech firm at CEO level. His forte is in professional Sales and Management Consulting.  He has worked with hundreds of retail and restaurant businesses to assist them in optimizing their cash flow and enhance their image to the public, and has integrated technology and enhanced marketing strategies that enabled his clients to save thousands of dollars per month. He has groomed a very consultative sales style that listened to his clients needs astutely from the heart, and then made proper suggestions for change and right action, rather than just selling a product for a pay check. His clients noticed this and appreciated this quality and sincerity. It yielded him some long-term friendships that make business endeavors worthwhile.

He realized while consulting clients that many people were frozen with fears, full of hesitancy, and have false beliefs about how clear in life and self-expressed they can become, or how much success they can manifest, and how much right action they could take to open Creativity, Exploration, and Expansion in their lives. He noticed many seemingly functional people questioned and doubted for months, even years as if they were waiting for things to simply "work themselves out" or "be magically fixed from outside or above"  usually waiting for someone else to make the major choices that would lead to risk or vulnerability. He noticed that many were simply avoiding being the Creator of their lives, and started to see the societal reasons why this was so strongly anchored in people of all ages and cultures. 

This strong desire to help others change for the better and awaken to their Personal Power, Creativity, and Free Will Choice, and an equal quest to Awaken personally to his highest potential and true path of service led him to study many counseling, healing techniques, and philosophies that he understood easily, almost as if he had learned this information in other life times or higher places of learning. He strives to be Intuitive, Intelligent, and Empathic in all he does!

Paul has led Personal Growth & Relationship discussion groups for years, and has now refined Life Empowering Seminars that employ clear thinking, heartfelt discussions, and empowering exercises with a light sense of humor and cutting insights to make awakening to your purpose & power fun, intriguing, and exciting! Once you experience one of his seminars you will feel his sincerity, clarity, and desire to help you go into a higher Light of Truth within, and awaken the Creator's Love for us that really does "Activate the Soul and Set the Mind Free"

I look forward to meeting you personally and hearing about your life's dreams and passion to Awaken and Contribute something special to the planet... as well as take your life to the next level of Light, Love, Peace, Clarity, Happiness and Fulfillment!




MEDCHARM.GIFBlessings in Truth, Love, & Light...Brother Paul