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1 Day Seminar
Registration for our 1 day  "Awakening  Passion, Purpose,  and Power" seminar. *Pre-payment is required to attend

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Telephone Coaching Session
30 minute personalized telelphone coaching, emotional healing, and counseling session. (You may buy multiples of this to get a 1 hour phone session, etc.)

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Personal Growth Ebook
This is a cutting edge e-book of how to generate Passion & Purpose in your life. We explore why we are hesitant in many areas to express ourselves, why we are not fulfilled, and how to erase the negative programming that has caused 80% of people to live in a dark matrix which is not  loving, not fulfilling, nor effective by any standards... With these enlightened insights and exercises I reveal how to Awaken your Soul's Talents, Passions, and Purpose!    Learn to know the voice of the critical and the creative mind, and Awaken the Higher Blueprint of Creation that is within you, how to supercharge relationships, how to attract what you truely desire and be Happy!

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Hot Health Tips
Want to know what are the hottest, cutting-edge products to super charge your heath now? Want to know which foods are the worst to eat and why many people are lethargic, in cronic pain, moody, and burnt out?    This is a very informative e-book that will reveal top health secrets  to put your body & mind back into balance, bring aliveness, vitaility, and feel great now!

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1 Hour Session
A private 1 hour personaized session to uplift your life energy that includes bodywork, personal growth coaching, and guided visualizations! Held
in Thousand Oaks, Ca.)

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1 Hour OnSite Session
A private 1 hour personaized session that includes bodywork, personal growth coaching, and guided visualizations! (Held at your location On-Site in LA or Ventura County)

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Seanol - Out of Stock
Ready for the most powerful Anti-Oxadent with an 8300 orac value from the sea that studies whows to lower cholesterol, brain protection, joint & muscle function, and more energy? (Blueberry is 4600 orac) A natural way to really boost your immune system!  (price includes shipping)


Dimensions: 9.4" x 8" x 2.6"


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Astaxanthin - Out of Stock
A super antioxidant that is at the top of the list to help your eyes, fight free radicals, boost cellular energy, nervous system is Astaxanthin. It has been shown to be a very effective for all types of tendon, joint and muscle pains, arthritis, beautiful skin, enhancing eyesight,  and balancing RNA and DNA nucleic acids! (price includes shipping)